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high pressure drain jetting service

Drain Unblocking

We can unblock your drains, from a blocked sink to an overflowing man hole we can help. Using a multitude of specialist equipment we can unblock any drain in a timely manor, aiming to be with our valued customers within an hour and be gone within an hour to keep your drains flowing. We offer an optional "seek and find" service at a discounted rate so you can see your drains using drain CCTV equipment to give you the peace of mind you deserve. 

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High Pressure Water Jetting 

Here at Flush Drainage our jetting van services are carried out by our team of experienced drainage engineers, who have extensive experience using high pressure water hydro jetting systems to perform a number of tasks. This method has a jetting capability of up to 4000 psi and offers a number of advantages; it is faster, more flexible and environmentally friendly as it uses low volumes of water and does not use any potentially corrosive or hazardous chemicals.

It is dust free and dramatically reduces waste stream, which means that operations can easily continue adjacent to water jetting systems, which in the long run, ensures that downtime and costs are kept to a minimum This enables us to provide the most comprehensive service possible.

Why should you chose Flush Drainage over competitor?

  • No call out charges.

  • Free no obligation quotes given to ALL customers.

  • We are a small local company offering, competitive prices.

  •  We beat any realistic like for like quote.

  • We have a friendly team of specialists

  • We can offer a hassle and stress free service.

Our Environmental Objectives

We aim to  decrease our environmental impact by re-using and reducing our water usage when possible. By 2030, we will only stock environmentally friendly products. All of our vans & machinery will  be electric, whilst updating technology regularly to make sure we are cleaning in the most efficient and environmentally friendly way. Water metres are a simple yet effective way for our whole team to be involved in measuring our water consumption and our environmental impact, helping to achieve our vision as a team. 

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