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Drain Repair and  Relining service in Kent 

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How does non-dig drain relining work? 

In preparation, we use root cutters and high-pressure water jetters to remove roots and debris if its required. Then, we use our CCTV cameras to ensure the drain does need a liner installed. For the lining itself, we use an innovative and efficient process. Firstly, we cut out an area of fibreglass matting to fit the area we are patching. Once we have marked the position of the repair, we can connect our inflatable packer to a set of air rods. Secondly, we impregnate the fibreglass matting with a mix of resin and accelerator, and then fold and wrap it into position on the packer. We insert the patch into position, then check for any creasing or movement with our camera. Thirdly, to mould the patch to the inside of the pipe, we inflate the packer and leave it in place until the patch liner has cured/ hardened. Finally, we remove the calibration hose and check the repaired drain using our CCTV cameras. This process helps to create a new pipe within a damaged pipe. There are several benefits of having this done instead of digging to replace the pipework. Not only is it cheaper it also causes less disruption to your home or business. 

Benefits of using our Non-dig drain repair service 

The benefits of using these methods are fairly simple, it is less invasive than old fashioned method of excavating to reach the repair site and therefore much less expensive and time consuming. It means our engineers do not need to spend time digging out the drain which means you are spending less on man hours and equipment costs. This will also be much nicer for you as you don’t have to deal with the disruption caused by excavating.

Unfortunately there are some cases when a drain lining just wont work and we may need to excavate the problem. In the cases where a section of the drain needs to be replaced we will need to dig down. This would happen if we are dealing with a collapsed drain. 

Why should you chose Flush Drainage over competitor?

  • No call out charges.

  • Free no obligation quotes given to ALL customers.

  • We are a small local company offering, competitive prices.

  •  We beat any realistic like for like quote.

  • We have a friendly team of specialists

  • We can offer a hassle and stress free service.

Our Environmental Objectives

We aim to  decrease our environmental impact by re-using and reducing our water usage when possible. By 2030, we will only stock environmentally friendly products. All of our vans & machinery will  be electric, whilst updating technology regularly to make sure we are cleaning in the most efficient and environmentally friendly way. Water metres are a simple yet effective way for our whole team to be involved in measuring our water consumption and our environmental impact, helping to achieve our vision as a team. 

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