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Sink Unblocking

Are you a home owner searching "professional sink unblocking near me" then look no further, here at Flush Drainage we pride ourselves on the feedback you give us. We use the equipment supplied by industry leaders to keep you drains flowing, whilst still giving our valued customers the competitive rates you deserve. Do you have a blocked toilet that needs to be cleared quickly and efficiently? Flush Drainage offer a 24 hour callout service so we can be with you as soon as possible. Please give us a call, and one of our local professional drainage engineers will be ready to help, fully equipped to unblock your toilet there and then.


Example of what we do.

To help with our valued customers with understanding some of the methods we use, we will be shortly giving you a description of works on a previous job.

Firstly we arrived a job to find a floor gully that the kitchen sink runs into blocked (green circle, image 1), it quickly became apparent that this was no straight forward blockage. We started by using our long marigold style gloves to get a better understanding on what was causing the blockage, it was clear that there was hard object obstructing the drain, we removed everything we could by hand. We proceeded remove all excess water and small debris using our specialist pump (image 2).

By this point it was obvious the main obstruction was a whole brick! we began to drill the brick with our precision drill to ensure no damage was caused to the drain. once enough of the brick had been drilled out we was able to retrieve the brick using our long gloves (image 4). Finally, using our high pressure water jetting (HPWJ) equipment we jetted upstream to drag out any remaining debris, we tested the gully and informed the customer of the works carried out.

blocked drain gulley
drain gulley unblocking
blocked waste pipe
debris in drain





Why should you chose Flush Drainage over competitor?

  • No call out charges.

  • Free no obligation quotes given to ALL customers.

  • We are a small local company offering, competitive prices.

  •  We beat any realistic like for like quote.

  • We have a friendly team of specialists

  • We can offer a hassle and stress free service.

Our Environmental Objectives

We aim to  decrease our environmental impact by re-using and reducing our water usage when possible. By 2030, we will only stock environmentally friendly products. All of our vans & machinery will  be electric, whilst updating technology regularly to make sure we are cleaning in the most efficient and environmentally friendly way. Water metres are a simple yet effective way for our whole team to be involved in measuring our water consumption and our environmental impact, helping to achieve our vision as a team. 

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