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Soakaway Replacement & Installation

What is a soakaway?

A soakaway is a hole dug into the ground that is filled with coarse stone and rubble or plastic crates. It allows water to filter through it, and literally soak into the ground. Soakaways are used to manage surface water at its source, and serve as an alternative option to draining off surface water via a stream or sewer system. If you are planning on re-designing your drainage system, you may require a new soakaway or manhole. If you're noticing that your gulley's are overflowing after heavy rain, it is likely that your soakaway is undersized or has collapsed. To determine the issue, we would carry out a CCTV drainage survey to ensure there isn't a cheaper solution for you. With the correct machinery and trained professionals, installing a new soakaway is a task which can be completed hassle free. Using sub-standard contractors to install your soakaway can result in significant costs and damage to your property.  

What we can do for you. 

Whether you are looking to replace an existing soakaway system or need a new soakaway constructed, our drainage specialists are able to assist you in surveying the job at hand and determining the solution required.

A soakaway will be used by most households to provide adequate surface water drainage from the property's gutter system. They are also an integral part of any septic tank system. The soakaway will manage the flow of liquids into the surrounding earth.

When planning a soakaway various aspects need to be taken into account such as soil type and proximity to property boundaries, buildings or roads.

As well as soakaway construction, we are also able to offer specialist advice on soakaway repairs and maintenance.

Soakaway replacement kent

Why should you chose Flush Drainage over competitor?

  • No call out charges.

  • Free no obligation quotes given to ALL customers.

  • We are a small local company offering, competitive prices.

  •  We beat any realistic like for like quote.

  • We have a friendly team of specialists

  • We can offer a hassle and stress free service.

Our Environmental Objectives

We aim to  decrease our environmental impact by re-using and reducing our water usage when possible. By 2030, we will only stock environmentally friendly products. All of our vans & machinery will  be electric, whilst updating technology regularly to make sure we are cleaning in the most efficient and environmentally friendly way. Water metres are a simple yet effective way for our whole team to be involved in measuring our water consumption and our environmental impact, helping to achieve our vision as a team. 

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