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Drain de-scaling & cleaning  

drain cleaning service in maidstone

We clean both domestic and commercial drainage systems using our powerful water jetting equipment. This ensures your drains are clear of any unnecessary obstructions and working to the best of their ability.

Over time, different waste materials can build up in your drains causing unnecessary clogging within the pipes. This can have a negative effect on the flow of the waste water from your home or workplace. Cooking fats, rubble, tissues and other non- biodegradable materials need to be cleared otherwise blockages will occur. Our drain cleaning service maintains your drains and sewers, removing the possibility of scale build-up.

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Why should you chose Flush Drainage over competitor?

  • No call out charges.

  • Free no obligation quotes given to ALL customers.

  • We are a small local company offering, competitive prices.

  •  We beat any realistic like for like quote.

  • We have a friendly team of specialists

  • We can offer a hassle and stress free service.

Our Environmental Objectives

We aim to  decrease our environmental impact by re-using and reducing our water usage when possible. By 2030, we will only stock environmentally friendly products. All of our vans & machinery will  be electric, whilst updating technology regularly to make sure we are cleaning in the most efficient and environmentally friendly way. Water metres are a simple yet effective way for our whole team to be involved in measuring our water consumption and our environmental impact, helping to achieve our vision as a team. 

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